Textbook Information

1.)  Recommended Text*:  Essentials of Geology - 4th Edition, Author: Stephen Marshak

*Recommended means that you do not have to purchase the book,

however I will post readings that correspond to the lecture PPT.

2.)  REQUIRED Lab Manual:  Principles of Geology Lab Manual, Authors: Bill Shields and Paul A. Meister

The lab manual must be purchased online and will be delivered to you during your first lab class.

Lecture Materials


Introduction to Geology

This document includes information about the course

Our World and Beyond

Introduction to the Big Bang and formation of our solar system. 

Intro to Minerals

Introduction to minerals and their compositions

Igneous Plutonic Rocks

Introduction to types of plutonic rocks and how they form.  

Volcanic Rocks

Introduction to types of volcanoes and volcanic landforms/processes 


Weathering and erosion processes

Sedimentary Rocks

Introduction to sedimentary rocks 

Metamorphic Rocks

Introduction to metamorphic rocks

Plate Tectonics

Plate tectonics and plate boundaries

Earthquakes and the Earth's Interior

Introduction to seismic waves and the Earth's interior

Relative Dating

Introduction to relative dating 

Absolute Dating

Introduction to absolute dating

Hydrologic Cycle

Introduction to the hydrologic cycle and surface water.  


Introduction to groundwater


Introduction to glacial formation, movement, types of glaciers, and glacial landforms

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